TikToker Claims Malaysia is "10 Times Better" Than Singapore for Tourists

The Paper Break May 31, 2024
TikToker Claims Malaysia is "10 Times Better" Than Singapore for Tourists

An 18-year-old American living in Thailand, who documents his travels around Southeast Asia on TikTok, recently suggested that people planning to visit Singapore should consider Malaysia instead.

The TikToker, @zakattackcalii, with nearly 120,000 followers, labeled Singapore the "worst" of the seven Southeast Asian countries he has visited in the last five months.

According to him, Singapore offers little in terms of activities.

"I do not recommend it. There was, like, nothing to do in Singapore besides walk around and see a few things, but Singapore is just so small," he said in a TikTok video posted on Sunday, May 26.

He mentioned that while he encountered some friendly people in Singapore, he also met others who were "super rude," particularly the service staff at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore's most iconic landmark.

"When I went up to the big, huge tower, it's called Marina Bay Sands or whatever, the waiters and waitresses were just super rude. Like, they were just not kind at all," he claimed.

Comparing Singapore to Disneyland "because everything in Singapore is perfect," the TikToker noted that Singapore lacks culture.

The absence of cultural richness did not resonate with him.

"I like to go to a country that has a lot of culture and I try to embrace myself in it," he explained.

He then advised those considering a trip to Singapore to visit Malaysia instead, ranking it fourth on his list.

"If you are someone who wants to go to Singapore, go to Malaysia. It is very similar but like, Malaysia is 10 times better, with like, culture, better food, better buildings," he told his viewers.

He also expressed his love for Malaysia, highlighting that Kuala Lumpur is "very walkable."

In his opinion, Malaysia is highly underrated and more "well put together" than Thailand.

While some agreed with his views, including a commenter who said, "I'm Singaporean and I agree with you," others noted that the American seemed to rate countries based on affordability.

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