Ipoh Woman Loses Life Savings and All Four Limbs While Working as a Beautician in Singapore

The Paper Break Jun 06, 2024
Ipoh Woman Loses Life Savings and All Four Limbs While Working as a Beautician in Singapore

A woman from Ipoh, Malaysia, who moved to Singapore in 2016 to work as a beautician, has lost everything — her life savings and all four limbs — due to a bacterial infection that led to sepsis.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the 37-year-old woman began feeling ill in October of last year.

Initially, Lin Ai Ling (transliterated from Mandarin) experienced a fever, stomachache, and general weakness. When her condition didn't improve after visiting a doctor, she returned.

"I thought I had food poisoning, and the doctor prescribed some medicines. However, during the second visit, the doctor noticed something was wrong and sent me to the emergency room. I lost consciousness afterward," Lin told the Singapore Chinese daily on June 4.

When she regained consciousness, she found herself surrounded by her family members, who had rushed to the hospital. Lim was informed she was critically ill, and the doctors advised her family to prepare for the worst.

Doctors diagnosed Lin with a bacterial infection that was severely affecting her.

Lin's heart had become very weak, and her brain wasn't receiving enough oxygen, putting her at risk of brain death.

Doctors suggested an injection to improve blood flow to her heart and ensure brain function, but warned it might lead to the loss of some body parts.

Initially, her family believed only her fingers might need to be amputated, but as her limbs turned black, it became clear that all four limbs would need to be removed.

"I watched as my hands and feet turned black, became heavy, and felt out of control. The doctors said the cells had died and the bacterial infection had caused sepsis, so amputation was necessary to save my life.

"I decided to undergo the operation, having both my hands amputated on November 29 and both my legs amputated on December 19," Lin said, breaking down in tears.

Without limbs, Lin has also depleted her life savings, spending RM1.04 million on medical expenses to survive.

"Now that I have no income, I can only rely on my sister to take care of me," she said, expressing gratitude for the support from her family and former employer.

"It was hard to accept at first, and I didn't want to see my friends, but later, their support helped me get through it. I have to stay strong and live on," Lin said, her voice choked with sadness.

Her mother emphasized the importance of Lin maintaining a positive mindset.

Lin has started using prosthetic legs, which cost over RM52,000.

She mentioned that the cost of prosthetic limbs for both her hands and legs is more than she can afford right now, so she is relying solely on her prosthetic legs, paying for them in installments.

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