ZUS Coffee Apologizes Publicly and Denies Collaboration with Boycotted Sportswear Brand

The Paper Break May 17, 2024
ZUS Coffee Apologizes Publicly and Denies Collaboration with Boycotted Sportswear Brand

ZUS Coffee issued an apology on 16 May following accusations from netizens about collaborating with a boycotted sportswear brand in Malaysia.

In their statement, ZUS Coffee clarified that there was no collaboration with the sportswear brand, describing it as a "one-off activity."

"We understand your concerns about our participation at a recent sports-fashion event. This was a one-time activity where we were simply selling our coffee for the enjoyment of fellow Malaysians.

"The giveaway was also a one-time activity, not a collaboration. Nevertheless, we hear you, and we should have been more cautious," the statement said.

"As a home-grown Malaysian brand, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity. ZUS Coffee will never knowingly associate with war and unequivocally condemns any acts of violence against humanity.

"We will exercise greater vigilance in our conduct, activities, and brand associations. To prevent future incidents, we are strengthening our policies and procedures to ensure best practices.

"We sincerely apologize for this oversight. It will not happen again," the statement concluded.

On 15 May, a tweet captioned "Bye bye, ZUS Coffee" went viral, amassing over 1.3 million views.

The tweet included screenshots of ZUS Coffee's now-deleted social media posts that featured the coffee brand alongside the sportswear brand.

ZUS Coffee had recently conducted a giveaway contest on Instagram, offering three lucky winners a pair of sneakers from the sportswear brand.

The sportswear brand is currently boycotted for working with an Israeli manufacturer for its undergarments and featuring an Israeli chef in a recent marketing campaign.


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