Student Discloses Affair with Married Professor to Secure an 'A' in Calculus

The Paper Break Jun 11, 2024
Student Discloses Affair with Married Professor to Secure an 'A' in Calculus

A 22-year-old student has alleged that she slept with a married professor at a local institute of higher learning after he promised her an A in calculus.

According to the student, the professor approached her last semester, offering to help with her studies if she dated him.

"He promised me an A in calculus, and I gave my body to him, but he broke his promise," she said, adding that she ultimately failed the subject.

The student did not disclose the name of the university but mentioned that the professor has three children.

Shocked by her results, she initially considered reporting the professor to the university's academic affairs division. However, she decided against it.

"I wanted to report him to the university, but I'm afraid of getting caught," she said, reported mStar.

Meanwhile, netizens criticized the student for trading her dignity for grades.

"You've failed miserably. You can retake a subject if you don't do well in the exam, but once your dignity is traded, you can never get it back," commented one netizen.

However, others believed that the professor intentionally failed the student to continue exploiting her.

"This is the professor's way of playing with you, deliberately failing you so that he can continue to use your body for his depraved desires," another netizen argued.

Many also advised the student to move on and focus on her studies in the future.


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