Malaysian Woman Turns Down RM9K Job Offer Due to "Type C" Culture Concerns

The Paper Break Jun 24, 2024
Malaysian Woman Turns Down RM9K Job Offer Due to "Type C" Culture Concerns

When a workplace becomes so toxic that it jeopardizes our mental health, we leave in search of a better environment and pay. What more could we ask for besides a supportive atmosphere and good compensation?

In an anonymous post shared on X by @meinmokhtar, a Malaysian woman revealed she turned down a job offer with a monthly salary of RM9,000. She didn’t even want to go through probation because she discovered the workplace was filled with "Type C," referring to the Chinese community in Malaysia.

“There are so many Type Cs there. I’m going to have a hard time working there. I’ve become more fragile since becoming a mother,” she explained.

Does the race of your coworkers matter that much, regardless of race? Many successful professionals in multinational corporations interact with people from diverse backgrounds daily.

“You missed out on a blessing and a learning opportunity.”

Social media users were shocked that she casually let go of a valuable work and learning opportunity due to the other staff. Many believed she could have benefited from the numerous learning experiences.

“It’s scarier to work in a company filled with M. I’ve experienced backstabbing working with them. I don’t mind a place filled with Type C. They work as a team.”

Another user commented, “It’s not hard working with them, and it’s actually beneficial. They’re all hardworking. They start before 9 am and leave at 6:30 pm, at the earliest. I’m not saying you have to overwork, but they can motivate you to be diligent.”

“With M, it’s worse. You don’t get your pay, no EPF contributions, and they’ll exploit religious sentiments,” said another user.

“Don’t be racist. You might overlook the fact that some people of our race don’t pay SOCSO and EPF, ask you to work without pay, and do overtime every day. Good luck.”


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