Hospital Sign Apologizes for 5-Hour Wait Due to Doctor Shortage

The Paper Break May 18, 2024
Hospital Sign Apologizes for 5-Hour Wait Due to Doctor Shortage

A photo of a whiteboard at a hospital, displaying an apology for the long wait due to a doctor shortage, has gone viral on social media.

The photo, reportedly taken at the surgical clinic of Hospital Kulim in Kedah, was shared by Facebook user Syahid Said.

The signboard reads, "Good morning, we apologise. We are facing a shortage of doctors. The waiting time may be up to five hours."

The message explains that doctors at the hospital have been working until they faint and fall ill, with many resigning and moving to private hospitals.

"We want to serve the people, but we are also human; we can get tired and sick. We hope you understand. We apologise," the sign continues.

The post has been shared over 1,100 times, garnering sympathy from social media users for the hospital staff.

"Working in a government hospital is not easy; there are too many patients. Pity the doctors who sometimes don't get enough rest due to insufficient staff. Nevertheless, we appreciate the service of hospital staff, we respect you. Please take time to rest," wrote one Facebook user.

"Last time, some netizens urged young doctors to resign, saying there are many others who want to work. The problem now is, where are they? There aren't many anymore," commented another.

"It's true, my in-law is one of those doctors who resigned. With the growing population, the service sectors such as healthcare and schools should be upgraded and properly staffed," opined another.


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